Friday, 6 March 2009

Title: Son of General Thura Shwe Mann
a.k.a Shwe Mann Ko Ko
State Peace and Development Council
Wife : Khin Hnin Thandar

DOB: 19.06.1977
Interests: Ayeya Shwe War Company

It has been learnt that Sit Thwe Aung, son of Minister U Aung Phone, Ministry of Forests was stabbed in a local night club. He was stabbed at close range by an unidentified person. U Aung Phone has two sons, Sit Thwe Aung and Sit Taing Aung. They are believed to be from the Shwe Man clique.

Shwe Man’s son Aung Thet Mann and these two brothers are money hungry business entrepreneurs. These newly rich class of businessmen who became rich in this corrupt and crumbling society made money by getting import/export licenses and importing custom duty free goods.

All of them are into women, gambling and drugs.One eye witness told us that a duty conscious citizen did the stabbing because he could no longer suffer the injustices meted out to the people by the SPDC (State Peace and Development Council).

Please click here for Aung Thet Mann's connection with Tay Za's Financial network.


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